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2380 Long Mill Road, Youngsville, NC 27596



Inspections will evaluate the condition of a vehicle purchased through Capital Auto Auction.

PSI offers seven day purchase protection for the following items:

  • Drivetrain (Engine, Transmission and Drive-axle including 4x4)
  • ABS and Brake function
  • Electrical Accessories (Vehicles less than 5 model years old)
  • Air conditioning (Compressor only)
  • SRS (supplemental restraint system/airbags) check

Inspection services must be purchased before 4:30 pm on the day of sale
All eligible vehicles will be inspected on site.
If an inspected item fails during the PSI period and cost more than $1000 (a single item), it will be replaced or repaired or the sale voided at Capital Auto Auction’s discretion.


Capital Auto Auction will offer inspection services for all vehicles sold with a Green Light.

Vehicles will not be eligible for arbitration after 5pm on sale day unless PSI is purchased.


PSI fee: $125 (non-refundable)

All fees must be paid separately on the day of purchase (5:00pm deadline) for the PSI protection to take effect.

PSI protection will expire at 5:00 pm on the following Tuesday.